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High Drama In Oneida!

WAS NO DOUBLE WEDDING BUT WERE WILLARD AND MARY MARRIED? Mrs. Adeline Niles Objected to Her Mary Marrying at the Same Time as Nellie, and Mary and Her Lover Went to Canastota in a Sulk Oneida, Dec 27. –Were Willard Merrill and Miss Mary Niles, well known young people of Oneida , married at CanastotaContinue reading “High Drama In Oneida!”


“Mysterious Disappearance” “A Young Lady Gone with Charles Harrington – Foul Play Feared” With a headlines like that, you can bet the article in the Utica Weekly Herald of April 30, 1878 had my immediate attention. I got the internet shovel out. Dr. Ira D. Hopkins was a well-to-do physician as well as a deaconContinue reading ““…Wait…..What…?””

A Serial Scumbag

Another Doubtful Pastor “In the Phoenix (NY) Register are the following apparently well-authenticated charges against a clergyman. In the fore part of 1877 Rev. John Foster—supposed to be the same gentleman who lectured on temperance in this place last winter, and who is at present occupying the pulpit of the Baptist Church at Gilbert Mills,Continue reading “A Serial Scumbag”

Mercifully Brief – Today’s Clipping

Holy hell, that’s harsh! No empathy here, whatsoever. “Utica rejoices in a young female laudanum drinker. Her dangerous sipping has been the cause of her near approach to the “gates ajar” several times, but a physician has saved her. Her parents should omit to summon medical aid for once, and doubtless a cure will beContinue reading “Mercifully Brief – Today’s Clipping”

Gottschalk Gets the Last Laugh.

The death of Charles F. A. “Hawkshaw ” Gottschalk was noted in the January 9, 1912 Syracuse Herald. Mr. Gottschalk, 56, died of heart disease and the Herald had this to say about him: “Mr. Gottschalk was a man of various avocations. In the yard attached to his little house in North Salina street wasContinue reading “Gottschalk Gets the Last Laugh.”